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Prediction Accuracy
using Kinetic Energy

MicroTraffic focuses on kinetic energy and the potential for force transfer to the human body.

By measuring speeds, temporal separation, conflict angle, user vulnerability, and order of interaction, we can predict with up to 94% accuracy which conflict configurations have an elevated risk of future injury crashes.

MicroTraffic’s capability to predict injury crashes using a kinetic energy approach is unique among road safety video analytics providers.

Our proprietary crash prediction capabilities strengthen continuously with increased deployments globally.

Read the TRB Paper on the Kinetic Energy Approach

MicroTraffic’s core computer vision technology allows highly accurate risk diagnosis through video-based near-miss analysis.

MicroTraffic’s road safety engineers then work with the diagnostic data to develop recommendations in a road safety improvement plan, following kinetic energy principles and a safe systems approach.

After a city executes the safety improvement plan, MicroTraffic monitors the risk reductions achieved. Cities that follow our road safety plans achieve on average an 80% risk reduction.

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Quality diagnostics starts with quality video footage. To create a reliable risk diagnostic profile we need a sufficient amount of video. This duration typically varies from


We try to be as flexible as possible with cameras. If you have existing CCTV or permanent cameras, we can often use them. If not, we can help you plan for temporary camera installations, such as trailer cameras or cameras on telescoping masts.

The ideal camera view captures the entire intersection box, all crosswalks, and about 10 m of each approach beyond the crosswalk.

Wide dynamic range capable cameras are helpful for low light conditions

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The total cost of road crashes is approximately $100 million per year for the average city. Proactive risk identification and reduction using road safety video analytics and actionable safety measures will not only result in substantial crash savings, but will also protect human lives.

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